Naviance Family Connection

Naviance Family Connection is now at Bear Creek High School.  There are many different areas to Naviance Family Connection that we are excited to offer you.  Naviance Family Connection is accessible at the link below.  All Bear Creek Students have been granted access already.

Click to Connect:  Naviance Family Connection

  • Follow these guidelines to login
  • Use your Google Docs "Username and Password" 
  • Do not include ""

Naviance Overview Video:  For Parents & Students



  • Read and learn more about Naviance
  • Find available resources and support for students/parents
  • See case studies of Naviance results

Naviance Tasks and Activities for BCHS Students

Coming Soon!

What is Naviance Family Connection?

Naviance Family Connection is a college and career planning tool, which allows students to realize their strengths, goals, knowledge, values, and interests in future careers, and hep them work toward a path that is inspiring to them.


Through Naviance Family Connection, students will get to explore and focus on many of the following areas of growth:

  • EXPLORE their own interest and strengths
  • CONNECT their interests to potential careers
  • INVESTIGATE colleges and majors that can prepare and aligned them with their interests, strengths, and personality
  • CREATE a game plan to make it all happen