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10 Credits - Grades 9-12

This course is designed to meet the needs of the Student Leadership Team.  All assembly persons and student body officers are required to enroll in this course.  The course concentrates on legislative procedures, basic concepts of the democratic process, team guiding, special projects and developing skills in leadership, parliamentary procedure, management, and communication.

The Constitution of the Associated Student Body of Bear Creek High School


Our vision, as the Student Leaders of Bear Creek High School, is to foster a school environment filled with integrity, enthusiasm, creativity, and dedication while uniting in the common goal of promoting school spirit, diversity, communication, and betterment of our collective body and community.

Article I


Section A: Name

The name of this organization shall be the Associated Student Body of Bear Creek High School.  Hereafter the Associated Student Body.

Section B: Insignia

The insignia of the Associated Student Body shall be he officially adopted seal.

Section C: School Colors and Mascot

The school colors of the Associated Student Body shall be ROYAL BLUE and SILVER with WHITE, and the mascot shall be the BRUIN.

Section D: Class Colors

Each class at Bear Creek High School will have an assigned color that is designated to the class alone and will be the class color for all four years of attendance. The class colors are purple, green, orange, and pink. A charge of class color change must be supported, in writing, by the majority of the members of the class’ Associated Student Body.  A 2/3 affirmative vote of the Cabinet and Assembly is needed to enact a class color change.

Article II


Section A: Membership in the Associated Student Body

All enrolled students of Bear Creek High School shall be members of the Associated Student Body.

Section B: Rights Recognized by all members

All members of Bear Creek High School Associated Student Body are guaranteed the right to vote in elections of the Bear Creek Student Government.  Each student is guaranteed the right to run for student assembly or class offices, providing that they meet the election criteria stated in the by-laws of this constitution.

Article III

Executive Structure

Section A: Executive Power

The Executive Branch of the Associated Student Body shall be vested in a Cabinet composed of 9 duly elected members of the Associated Student Body.  The Cabinet members shall be:

                Associated Student Body President

                Associated Student Body Vice President

                Associated Student Body Secretary

Associated Student Body Treasurer

Associated Student Body Commissioner of Public Relations        

Associated Student Body Commissioner of Activities

Associated Student Body Commissioner of Publicity

Associated Student Body Commissioner of Sports

Associated Student Body Senior Class President

Section B: Duties of Cabinet members

As members of the Associated Student Body Cabinet, each member of the elected officers shall have the following duties and responsibilities:

  1. Associated Student Body President
    The ASB President should supervise the work of the other Associated Student Body officers, seeing that they carry out their duties according to the provisions of this Constitution. The President shall represent Bear Creek High School on and off campus at Lodi Unified board meetings, Foundation meetings, Instructional Leadership team meetings, any prioritized community event and/or school event.  The President shall have charge of scheduling all elections with the assistance of his/her committee and shall determine, with assistance from the advisor, the eligibility of all candidates for the following year’s elections. The President will coordinate the International Carnival with assistance from the ASB Vice President, assist the ASB Vice President with Club Rush, and assist the Junior Class President with Prom. The President will also work in conjunction with the ASB advisor in organizing the annual leadership camp.
  2. Associated Student Body Vice President
    The Associated Student Body Vice President shall assume the duties of the Associated Student Body President if he/she is absent or temporarily unable to fulfill his/her responsibilities, as well as assist the President in carrying out any duties.  The ASB Vice President shall preside over the Club Council with assistance from the Student Assembly.  The Vice President must attend assembly meetings.  The ASB Vice President shall be responsible for organizing a committee for the planning, set-up, participation in, and clean-up of the annual International Rally.  The ASB Vice President is also responsible for coordinating, with assistance from the ASB President and Student Assembly, the annual Club Rush recruitment event. 
  3. Associated Student Body Secretary
    The Associated Student Body Secretary shall be responsible for keeping records of any correspondence Student Government maintains. The ASB Secretary shall prepare an agenda for the weekly Assembly meetings and take minutes during the meetings. The ASB Secretary is responsible for taking attendance at all major events, before the event for set-up and after the event for clean-up.  The ASB Secretary will stand-in for the ASB President when he/she is unable to attend Foundation meetings or Instructional Leadership Team meetings.  The ASB secretary is responsible for working with the advisor to order items needed for the class and events the class hosts. It is also the responsibility of the  ASB Secretary to monitor job expectations for the Student Assembly, keeping an organized list of responsibilities, expectations, and job performances for every ASB Cabinet member and every Assembly member, that will be submitted to the advisor two times a month.
  4. Associated Student Body Treasurer
    The Associated Student Body Treasurer shall be responsible for issuing receipts and disbursement for all Associated Student Body funds.  The Treasurer shall also prepare quarterly financial reports to be presented to the Associated Student Body Legislative and Executive Branches.  In addition, the ASB Treasurer shall report any financial matters to the Student Government, assist the Student Government in preparing the Student Government budget, see that a final copy of the current budget is given to the Principal and Vice Principal, and attend all Assembly meetings.  This officer shall also be responsible for monitoring the expenses for all rallies, carnivals and courts.  The ASB Treasurer will keep an updated ledger for every ASB account.  The ASB Treasurer is also in charge of Fundraising for ASB, as well as coordinating the distribution of fundraising opportunities to the clubs and programs on campus; the assembly members and ASB Vice President will assist the Treasurer in all matters dealing with fundraising for ASB, clubs and programs.
  5. Associated Student Body Commissioner of Activities
    The Associated Student Body Commissioner of Activities shall be responsible for assisting the ASB advisor with the charge of the activities class, so long as it is in operation.  The Activities Commissioner will be responsible for organizing committees to complete the following tasks: planning, decorating, setting-up, participating in, and cleaning-up of the following special events: Back to School Rally, Homecoming Rally, Homecoming Halftime Show, Winterfest Rally, Winterfest Halftime Show, Spring Rally, and any dances approved of by the ASB Assembly, Cabinet, and the school administration.
  6. Associated Student Body Commissioner of Publicity
    The Associated Student Body Commissioner of Publicity shall be responsible for weekly updates on indoor and outdoor Marquees (electronic and non-electronic).   The Commissioner of Publicity shall monitor the maintenance, usage, and organization of all multi-media equipment owned by the ASB, including coordination with other officers when equipment is needed for games, activities, rallies, and other student groups when a formal request is made for loan.  The Publicity Commissioner will also be in charge of service, ordering, training, and safety for markers, paints, paper, creative supplies, etc., designing and ordering leadership shirts, staff apparel, and student body apparel.  The Publicity Commissioner is also in charge of all posters hanging on campus bulletin boards and has the authority, along with the ASB advisor, to approve or deny requests for signage on campus via the embossed ASB insignia.  In addition, the Commissioner of Publicity will monitor and update all social media accounts and communicate weekly with local media outlets to encourage positive reporting about Bear Creek to the community. The Commissioner of Publicity will also assist the Commissioner of Sports with music and promotion for all applicable sporting events. The Commissioner of Publicity is also responsible for recruiting 8th grade leadership students to run for office before the counselors begin scheduling the incoming students; the Student Assembly will assist the Commissioner of Publicity with promoting the student government program on campus for future elections, as well as informing students about the leadership vision and proper campaigning practices.
  7. Associated Student Body Commissioner of Sports
    The Associated Student Body Commissioner of Sports shall organize the promotion of sporting events weekly (for ALL sports, with specific attention to equity among genders and sports).  They will lead a committee to put up posters before games in the gym or on the field, and are also charged with promoting and assisting the athletic department with activities cards.  The Commissioner of Sports, assisted by the Commissioner of Publicity, will organize sound, national anthem singers, and announcers at volleyball, basketball, football, baseball, and softball games.  The organization of audio necessities at sporting events may be done through an assigned committee or group and does not require that the Commissioner of Sports be in attendance at every game.  The Commissioner of Sports will encourage leadership students attend at least one on-campus event for each sport during the year. The Commissioner of Sports is also responsible for working with varsity coaches and team captains to determine dates and times for senior nights and/or team banquets; the Commissioner of Sports will lead the committee that produces posters and gifts (if applicable) for each senior player.  The Commissioner of Sports is also required to coordinate the sports teams who perform in rallies to determine the role and activity of the team – the Commissioner of Sports will be the liaison between the team captain and the Commissioner of Activities for all sports included in the rallies.  The Commissioner of Sports will work in conjunction with the senior and junior class presidents to facilitate all details for the junior vs senior powderpuff event, volleyball game, basketball game, and senior vs staff  volleyball and basketball game.
  8. Associated Student Body Commissioner of Public Relations:
    The Commissioner of Public Relations  shall be responsible for creating a bridge between feeder schools and sister high schools in the district, working with student leaders from other LUSD schools to produce combined activities or events.  The Commissioner of PR will seek out local businesses that can work together with athletics, school clubs, programs, and events in order to develop a stronger connection with the community.  The Commissioner of PR is also responsible for investigating and organizing community service opportunities for the Student Assembly class requirement, as well as communicate with clubs on campus about community service opportunities; it is expected that the PR Commissioner will report about community service involvement on campus at the weekly Student Assembly meetings. The Commissioner of PR is also charged with coordinating two blood drives during the school year (1 each semester), working with the Delta Blood Bank to plan, schedule, facilitate and advertise the event. 
  9. Associated Student Body Senior Class President
     The ASB Senior Class President shall be responsible to the Cabinet for all activities of their class.  The ASB Senior Class president is also required to work with PTSA and BC Foundation to coordinate Sober Grad Night parental participation; in addition to parental participation, the ASB Senior Class President is required to work with the ASB advisor and senior class advisor to coordinate all details for the Sober Grad Night Event. The ASB Senior Class President is charged with organizing the Senior Grad Nite trip to Disneyland and 6 Flags (or another appropriate destination). 

Article IV

Legislative Structure

Section A: Legislative Power

The legislative power of the Associated Student Body shall be vested in the Student Assembly, which is comprised of representatives of the members of the Bear Creek High School student body.

Section B: Student Assembly

The Student Assembly will be composed of representatives from all classes.  There will be 4 senior class Assembly persons, 5 junior class Assembly persons (one president and 4 assembly members), 5 sophomore class Assembly persons (one president and 4 assembly members), and 5 freshmen class Assembly persons (one president and 4 assembly members); all Assembly members are elected by majority vote, application, interview, and essay.  One of the Senior Assembly persons, elected, shall become the Speaker of the House; elected by a majority vote in the Assembly at the first Assembly meeting.  The Vice President of the Associated Student Body shall call the first Assembly meeting to order at the beginning of the year.  The ASB Vice President fills in the absence of the Speaker of the House.

Section C: Student Government  Meeting Requirements

There will be at least one Student Government meeting per week, with emergency sessions called by any of the ASB members when necessary.  All meetings shall take precedence over any other activities individual ASB and Assembly persons are involved in.  Therefore, all Assembly and  ASB members present in class must attend all Student Government meetings. 

                Order of Conduct:

                                The Speaker of the House calls the Assembly to order.

                                The ASB Secretary reads the minutes of the previous meeting

                                The minutes are voted on and approved or revised.

                                The ASB leaders report on the progress of their projects and positions.

                                ASB Advisor will report on the state of the class and any announcements.

                                Bills or legislation shall be voted on if necessary.

                                The Speaker of the House follows the agenda written previously by the Secretary and his/herself

                                Once the meeting is completed the Speaker of the House will adjourn the meeting.

Section D: Student Assembly Recall Power

The Student Assembly shall be the sole means of recalling or impeaching an elected officer (unless directed by the principal, school board, or superintendent).  Any failure to perform responsibilities according to Bear Creek High School’s ASB Constitution will result in a probationary period or impeachment.  The Student Government shall sit in judgment; a 2/3 affirmative vote of the Student Government members will convict and remove an officer.  The officer in question may appeal the decision of the Student Government members to a panel comprised of a school administrator, the Student Government Advisor, the ASB President and Secretary. If an officer is recalled, an active assembly member can be voted into the position by a majority vote of the Student Government class.

Section E: Positions in the Student Assembly

  1.  Speaker of the House: The Speaker of the House will be a senior, elected at the first meeting of the Student Assembly, by a majority vote in the assembly.  He/She shall preside over all Assembly meetings, and call to order at least one meeting per week.  The Speaker of the House must work in conjunction with the ASB Secretary to prepare an agenda for each meeting.  This agenda must be posted in class at least one day before the actual meeting.
  2. Committees and Committee Leaders:  The committee heads shall be responsible for all the members of the committee under him/her and also be responsible for the completion of the projects.  Heads of committees must report their progress to the Speaker of the House at Assembly meetings, when requested.


Article V

Student Council

Section A: The Role of Student Council

Student Council shall advise Student Government about the concerns, challenges, successes and ideas of the Associated Student Body as a whole.  The Student Council shall meet with the Cabinet and Assembly, during 5th period, two times per quarter.  Being that Student Council members are not members of the elected Governing Body, their role is to inform about, rather than to make decisions for, the Associated Student Body.


Section B: Nomination of Student Council

The Student Council shall be comprised of students from 5th period classes.  New Student Council representatives will be selected by their 5th period class each quarter.  Student Council representatives will be selected by class vote or teacher selection, to be determined by the individual teacher.  It is the goal of Student Government to hear a wide variety of voices from the student body, so grade point average and suspensions are not a factor in the nomination of Student Council members. The Speaker of the House is responsible for assigning a committee to head the Student Council program.

Article VI

Duty of the Faculty Advisor

Section A: Duties of the Student Government Advisor

  1. To be present at every Student Government meeting.
  2. To assist the ASB President in keeping order.
  3. To keep the Cabinet informed on what they are permitted to do.
  4. To act as a mediator between the associated student body and the administration.
  5. To assign grades to all Student Government members.
  6. To review and score all essays submitted with Student Government applications.
  7. To make final determination regarding the following year’s Student Government members.
  8. To attend weekly administrative facility use meetings.
  10. Article VII


Section A: The Power to Charter Clubs

The Student Government has the authority to charter all student clubs.

Section B: Club Qualifications

In order for Student Government to consider granting a charter:

  1.  There must be 10 members in the club.
  2. All members of the club must attend Bear Creek High School.
  3. There must be an active faculty advisor for the club.
  4. The Student Government must approve the name of the club.
  5. The organization will submit a written paragraph to Student Government as to how they believe Bear Creek will benefit from the club’s charter.
  6. A club must provide their own written constitution.
  7. All clubs will have one officer in the Club Council

Section C: Revoking a Charter

A club, which has become inactive for two years or more, for any reason, shall surrender its charter if a resolution to terminate that club is passed by a 2/3 affirmative vote by Student Government.  The club’s debts will be paid and any remaining funds will revert to the Student Government account.

Section D: Club Council Representatives

Representatives shall be elected in the club he/she will represent.  The representatives will attend all Club Council meetings. If the elected club representative is unable to attend a Club Council meeting, one of the other club officers may attend in the elected club representative’s place.  If there is any failure to fulfill the expectations of an elected club representative’s duties to the Club Council, that person may be removed with a 2/3 affirmative vote by the Club Council.  The representative may appeal the decision to the Student Government.  The Student Government members are to sit in judgment with a majority supportive vote repealing the decision.  If removed, the club represented by the person in question will be put on probation until a new representative is designated by the club to attend the Club Council meetings. 

Section E: Club Advisors

Club advisors must be Bear Creek High School staff members.

Section F: Meetings

Clubs must hold meetings at least once a month.  Club meetings cannot be held during class time.


Article VIII



Section A: Elections of Officers

All members of the Associated Student Body Assembly shall be elected by a combination of popular vote of the students’ of Bear Creek High School, interview, application, and essay process.  The elections shall be held during the year preceding that in which the officers will serve.  The elections must take place no later than the first week of May.  (Application 25%, essay 25%, interview 25%, popular election 25%).

Section B: Eligibility of Officers

The requirements for eligibility for officers of the Associated Student Body Cabinet and/or Student Assembly are as follows:

  1. Any member of the Associated Student Body of Bear Creek who will be an upperclassman during his/her time of office and who has a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 shall be eligible for the offices of ASB President, ASB Vice President, ASB Secretary, ASB Treasurer, and all ASB Commissioners.
  2. Any member of the Associated Student Body of Bear Creek who has a grade point average of 3.0 or better, as shown by their last semester report card or current transcript, shall be eligible for the office of Class President, providing they are a member of the class for which they are running.
  3. Any member of the Associated Student Body of Bear Creek who has a cumulative grade point average of 2.5 or better shall be eligible for the office of Class Assembly, so long as they are a member of the class they wish to represent.
  4. No student with a suspension on record for the current school year shall be eligible, unless the principal were to write a letter pardoning the offense.


Section F: Campaign Guidelines:

  1. Candidates must supply their own election materials.
  2. Each of the posters and/or any campaign material must be approved by the ASB election committee (ASB President and ASB Commissioner of Publicity) or the ASB Advisor.
  3. Posters on the bulletin boards will be limited to a size of 11” x 14”.
  4. There is no limit on the number of posters that are put up around campus and in the classrooms

                with the exception of line 5 below.

  1. Candidates are limited to one poster on each of the bulletin boards.
  2. There will be no derogatory or slanderous campaigning, bribing for votes, or negative social media postings.  Any candidate participating in any of the aforementioned behaviors will be withdrawn from the running.
  3. Campaigning will not be allowed within a 30 foot radius of the balloting area.      Candidates will not be allowed to hang posters, flyers, etc., in the 30 foot radius.
  4. Candidates may be in the 30 foot radius only to vote, and then are required to vacate the radius.
  5. Students are welcome to hand out stickers, buttons, flyers, shirts, etc., outside of this radius only. No consumable products may be handed out during the campaigning week.
  6. Any posters on campus may only be adhered using blue painters tape, with the exception of the use of staples on school bulletin boards.
  7. Campaigning will begin after approval for your application is granted, and may continue through the last day of elections.
  8. All posters, flyers, etc., must be removed immediately following the last day of  elections (the day of), as results will not be posted, nor expressed until all such items are removed.

Section G: The Associated Student Body Election Committee

The Associated Student Body Election Committee comprised of 2 senior ASB or Assembly members chosen by the ASB advisor; ideally the ASB members will interview their successors, seeing that election provisions are fulfilled.  The Student Assembly has the right to recall any member of the election committee, by a majority vote, as they deem necessary.  This panel will sit in on the interviews with the Advisor, an administrator (if on is available), and one additional faculty member.  This panel will review and score all applications.  The ASB Advisor will review and score all essays.

Article IX


Section A: Bills

All bills shall be presented in an organized fashion with a written counterpart. 

Bills that need a 2/3 affirmative vote are as follows:

  1. Bills that change the content of the ASB Constitution
  2. Bills that change the role of a member of Student Government
  3. Any Student Government expenses over $400.00

All other bills shall be voted on using a simple majority.  All bills passed at any time shall be honored by future Student Governments until amended or removed.  The Speaker of the House or the ASB President may initiate a line item veto on bills; if this should occur, the revised bill must be on the next assembly agenda, and once again needs to be voted on.  Voting by the Assembly may result in passive approval, an override with 2/3 affirmative vote, or the act of revoking the bill and writing a new bill.

Section B: Amendments

This Constitution can be amended, or have parts repealed by a 2/3 affirmative vote in the Student Assembly.

Confirmation of Amendments to the Constitution is to be signed each year by the ASB President.


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