Ms. Hillary Harrell, Principal

Ms. Harrell is available at         209-953-8239

Secretary, Mrs. Pat Soulsby    209-953-8213

Ms. Sera Baysinger, Vice Principal

Ms. Baysinger is available at         209-953-8236

Secretary, Mrs. Tammy Alexander  209-953-8232

Path to Successful Communication

At a large comprehensive high school such as Bear Creek, communication between parents and the school is a key ingredient to success.  Parents/guardians and students should utilize the "Path to Successful Communication" to facilitate getting the answers they desire in a timely fashion.

BC Expected Schoolwide Learning Results

  • Students Demonstrate Technology Literacy
  • Students Read and Communicate Effectively
  • Students Think Critically and Analytically
  • Students Develop as Socially Conscious Individuals
  • Students Demonstrate Appropriate Interpersonal and Job Performance skills

Administrator Expectations

  • Help staff problem solving and seeking solutions
  • Follow through with decisions
  • Open communication with parents, students and staff
  • Create an environment for positive student behavior and academic success
  • Set policies that keep kids in class
  • Be visible
  • Lead - Keep the vision for the school
  • Listen to all sides of the story

Ms. Julie Hummel, Assistant Principal

Student alpha:  A thru L

Ms. Hummel is available at 209-953-8358
Secretary, Ms. Maria Delira                    209-953-8186

Mr. Dennis To, Assistant Principal

Student alpha:  M-Z

Mr. To is available at 209-953-8244
Secretary, Ms. Maria Delira                           209-953-8186